Wheaton understands that life’s memories are precious. That’s why all Wheaton packers are professionally trained the right way – the Wheaton Way – to handle your belongings. Whether it’s grandma’s fine china or little Susie’s doll, Wheaton offers packing services for all your storage and moving service needs

How to Begin
A little thought and proper planning before you pack can save you time and energy. Explore Wheaton’s valuable resources on the website including Money Saving Tips and the Packing with Care Video for insider tips on proper materials and general guidelines. Allow plenty of time prior to your move for packing. Box up as little as three to four cartons a day and you can pack more than 100 boxes in a month. Click here to find out more about how to begin.

Packing Materials
Wheaton works with only the finest packing materials, giving you added security in the knowledge that you’ve hired the best people with the best tools. In addition to typical small, medium and large boxes, Wheaton agents also offer a variety of materials for purchase should you choose to pack yourself. A little time, thought and investing in quality materials can make a big difference when it comes to protecting your belongings. Click here to learn more about Wheaton's packing materials.

Moving Electronics
General packing guidelines can be followed for most items, but electronics require special care in preparation for shipment. Do not hesitate to ask your local Wheaton Agent for additional assistance. Click here to find out more about packing electronics.

Want a More Eco-Friendly Move?
A lot of our customers ask us, "What can I do to lessen my own environmental footprint and relocate more responsibly?" The answer is easier than you may think.  Click here to find out more about "green" moving techniques.

What Not to Pack
Wheaton wants your belongings to arrive at your new home safe and sound. Wheaton professionals are trained to look for normal household items that are hazardous and often illegal to ship. Click here to find out what not to pack.

Want to track your Wheaton Worldwide Moving shipment?  Click here for more information.